Water Heater Replacement & Installation

Are you in need of a new water heater and unsure of which type will best fit you and your family’s needs? Or maybe you’re in the market for a more cost and energy efficient water heater? Either way, Rooter Master is here to help!

All Brands Installed and Repaired

We have a wide range of know-how when it comes to dealing with water heater installation and replacement and will resolve your unique needs the first time, every time. No matter what brand of water heater you’re looking for we will supply it, whether it’s a tankless water heater to support your desires to ‘go green’ and save money on utilities, or any kind of tank brand available today.

We can help you decide which type of water heater will best fit you and your family’s needs and all our new water heaters come equipped with the appropriate earthquake proof materials FREE of CHARGE. Call us today and save $250.00 on any water heater replacement!

Save Money, Go Tankless

Tankless water heaters provide hot water ‘on demand’ while heating the water only as it’s needed. Not having to heat water that isn’t necessary eliminates energy waist thus saving you money on your heating bills and allowing you to celebrate the ‘Going Green’ environmentalist movement! Click here for more information on tankless water heater benefits and to see our specials!

Replacements, Repairs, Maintenance

If you’re experiencing hot water spikes, a faulty pilot light, lime or rust build up, or your water is taking a long time to heat up, then you need us—the Rooter Masters! We can ensure that hot water is available throughout your home exactly when and where you want it. Our expert team can repair any tank water heater out there today or provide you with a completely new system that will adequately meet your needs. Call us today for a free estimate

Water Heater Maintenance

Experts say that in order to optimize the functionality of your water heater you need to have it maintained once a year. This keeps rust, lime and other minerals from building up thus allowing your water heater to do its job-which is to supply you with hot water the moment you need it. Call us today and ask us about our Water Heater Maintenance Program!

Rooter Master water heater specialties: 24/7 emergency service, water heater repair and replacement, gas lines, water lines, anode rod replacement, water heater maintenance, and water treatment systems.