Water Softener Systems Ventura and Los Angeles

Regular & Saltless Water Softener Installation

The Environmental Working Group performed a water quality analysis of Ventura and Los Angeles tap water and they found 46 pollutants, which included 13 unregulated contaminants. Some of the more harmful pollutants identified were: ammonia, phosphate, sulfate, lithium, arsenic, mercury, and copper.

Cleaner Taste, Better Quality, Money Savings

The many pollutants in our tap water not only affects the taste and appearance, but can also affect how hard the water is on our clothes, dishes, skin, hair, and health.

Water softening, conditioning and purification can rid your home of bad water completely, and save you money on plumbing problems created by mineral build up, and much more! At Rooter Master, we offer a variety of water softening systems and services, including natural salt free water softener systems. Call today and save 50% off any Water Softener Installation!

Top 10 Benefits of Soft Water
  1. Purified water protects your family from health risks associated with water pollution.
  2. Softened, cleaner water is easier on your skin, hair and nails.
  3. When you clean clothes with soft water you use less soap, thus saving you money on detergent.
  4. Soft water equals less hard water residue on shower doors, screens, and dishes and glasses.
  5. Softer water is easier on your pipes, fittings and fixtures and as such can eliminate unnecessary plumbing repairs and replacements caused by mineral buildup which reduces water pressure.
  6. Soft water eliminates mineral build up and is therefore easier on water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines.
  7. If you’re a restaurant owner, you won’t have to worry about serving customer’s dishes covered in hard water stains.
  8. Restaurant owners will also reap the benefits of cleaner tasting water and softer washing in the restroom sinks for customers.
  9. Lower maintenance costs and better reliability for your dishwashers and plumbing pipes.
  10. Soft and conditioned water can also make for reduced water usage, and energy savings if you use hot water often.

Whole House Water Softeners

Do you want clear, cleaner water for your family or business? If so, call us today! We will test the water throughout your home or place of business before and after to show you the benefits of purchasing a soft water system. Keep in mind this service is free with any plumbing maintenance agreement. Give us a call to find out more!