Trenchless Sewer Repair, What is it Anyway?

Trenchless sewer repair is often referred to as “no dig” because it eliminates the need for surface excavation.   Trenchless technology is a rapidly growing engineering industry that is also used to reduce harm to the environment and to decrease the cost of underground work. With trenchless sewer repair, digging isn’t used to replace water or gas pipes.

ePIPE technology, what is it?

A popular form of trenchless technology is ePIPE® technology.  ePIPE allows pipes to be restored while in-place without having to disturb the surrounding walls or floors. This is done by applying an epoxy barrier coating to the existing plumbing system which prevents pinhole leaks and increases water flow. This can provide a permanent solution for all pinhole leaks and corrosion which is why many plumbing contractors will offer a lifetime warranty with their ePipe services. ePIPE is used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings and can be applied to both copper and galvanized pipes.

This technology allows home and business owners to restore their failing copper and encrusted galvanized piping systems without having to destroy their beautiful landscapes and driveways.

Flat rate, up-front pricing

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Our expertise in working with trenchless sewer repair equipment and deep understanding of all the options available to you ensures we can meet your needs the first time, every time.

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