Low Flow Toilets & Toilet Installation Ventura and Los Angeles

A low flow toilets is a flush toilet that uses less water than a traditional flush toilets. You can save up over two gallons per flush by using a low flow toilet. If you have an older home, you will be amazed at how inefficient older toilets are compared to a low flow toilet. The average family of 4 can save more than 22,000 gallons of water a year!

We Specialize in Regular and Low Flow Toilets

We offer a wide range of toilet types and brands, including low flow toilets that can save you money on your water bills and eliminate water waste. Whatever type and brand of toilet you want we’ll supply it and install it for you the same day you call us for help! Call today for a free estimate!

Save Money With Low Flow Toilets

Do you want to save money on your water bills and precious resources? If so, call us today to ask about our top of the line comfort style low flow toilets! Our low flow toilets only consume 1.6 gallons of water as opposed to the regular high flow toilet which uses 7.0 gallons per flush! That’s a lot of unnecessary water and money wasted down the drain! Our top of the line low flow toilets also come with a trouble free no clog guarantee and if you do have a problem with it, we’ll fix it FREE every time! Call us today to ask about our low flow toilet specials!

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Lifetime warranties, criminal background and drug tests for all our employees, price match guarantees and the list goes on. These are just a few of the key reasons why we’re the #1 choice for home and business owners when it comes to solving plumbing problems throughout LA County. At Rooter Masters, you’re our #1 priority! Click here for more reasons why they call us the Rooter Masters!